Swan River

How would you like to have Friday night drinks on the Swan? No matter where your boat is moored, we can have it ready and waiting for you at Barrack Street Jetty, so your guests can come straight down from the CBD and step aboard. If you’d like, we can even organise catering and drinks. Cruise the Swan River for a few hours, taking in all the sights and city lights before returning to Barrack Street for an easy departure. We’ll tidy up and return the boat to its berth.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest is always a popular destination for day trips or more extended stays, whether it be a family holiday or a special event, like the Rottnest Channel Swim, or a concert at the pub. Most of us are familiar with Thomson Bay, but some of the other bays at Rottnest can be tricky to navigate. Let us ease you out of your comfort zone and help you become familiar with the other, less crowded beauty spots around the island. Alternatively, if you intend to stay moored in one place, we can ferry you and you’re guests to Rottnest, help you get set up and leave you to enjoy the day on your own, returning at the end of your stay to deliver you safely back to the mainland.

Abrolhos Islands

Your time is precious so skip the long commute by sea and simply fly straight to the Islands. There you will find your boat waiting for you in a beautiful bay, professionally cleaned and completely stocked to your taste. Let us prepare the rigs, fillet the fish and safely navigate you around the beautiful Abrolhos Island atolls.

Montebello Islands

Having spent three years working tourist cruises to the Montebellos, I can honestly say that it’s my favourite place on the coast. Whether you’re on the water or under it, the fish life is some of the best you will ever encounter. Its isolation and diversity makes the Montebellos one of the most exciting places to go fishing and diving.